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the eighth casting show bright scene

release time:2015-7-20 18:00:16

  august 12, 2011 afternoon, the beijing hai industry association exhibition co., ltd. "the 8th china (beijing) international foundry exhibition" in beijing china international exhibition center concluded. the three-day event at home and abroad since casting painting to a successful conclusion.

    unprecedented exhibition, display, including steel, cast iron, non-ferrous alloy castings, foundry machinery and equipment, foundry equipment, molds, transfer technology, measurement technology, surface treatment technology, furnaces, welding technology, environmental technology, all kinds of casting mold, cast, including raw materials and equipment, hundreds of casting products, showing a "new product categories and more overseas visitors and more interactive and more related industries," three highlights.

    one bright spot: a new product variety 

    forefront of the industry standard with many new technologies, products in this exhibition of chinese li deng field. such as union casting co., ltd. qinhuangdao good use of investment casting process sol production of high quality carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and copper, aluminum precision castings, involving sewing, textile, metal, food, electricity and other industry, unanimously favored by the participating merchants. another new technology, lanzhou blue stone co., ltd., shandong ping jie precision casting co., ningde yu precision casting co., ltd., a large enterprise to bring the latest technology precision castings and the appearance of new exhibition site, the participating merchants feast for the eyes. not only show our precision casting industry advanced level of technology, product development but also to cast more ideas.

    highlight two: more overseas visitors

    10, the first day of attracting equipment manufacturers, distributors, agents, suppliers of raw materials procurement and industry colleagues to visit ten thousand, of which the number of foreign investors accounted for about 30%, respectively, from the united states, germany, japan, korea, singapore, india and other countries. this exhibition not only shows the maturity level of the international, but also indicates that china's foundry industry, cp step of a door, into the world.

    highlight three: interactive multi-related industries

    the exhibition and the "2011 eighth china (beijing) international metallurgical industry expo, 2011 eighth china (beijing) international heat treatment / industrial furnace exhibition" held side by side, to achieve effective interaction between the upstream and downstream industries, integration of resources to achieve industry . from materials processing to technology transfer, from product suppliers to target customers, financial metallurgy, casting, heat treatment industry as a whole than for the exhibitors to build an international platform. many exhibitors are exhibiting both exhibitors and customers! both show the company's products, but also in the meeting that the relevant industry information, to find their own material suppliers, too!

    looking ahead, hai foundry exhibition will continue to "enjoy each other resources, wealth, win-win" as the exhibition theme, better service industry, serving the community. looking forward to meet you again in 2012 and beijing!


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