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china ( tianjin ) international equipment manufacturing exposition held in tianjin

release time:2015-7-21 8:37:14

  august 18, the seventh china (tianjin) international equipment manufacturing exposition (ieme2011), in the tianjin binhai international convention and exhibition center opened. the exhibition by the china machinery industry federation, china council for the promotion of international trade machinery sub, china nonferrous metal processing industry association, tianjin economic and information technology commission, tianjin municipal commission of commerce, zhenwei group and the relevant provincial co-bohai sea (science) will be jointly organized.

  china (tianjin) international equipment manufacturing exposition (ieme) into the metal processing, industrial automation, power transmission, industrial casting, industrial gear five theme, and so far have been held for sixth. each show has come from dozens of countries and regions at home and abroad of more than one thousand exhibiting companies and tens of thousands of professionals to attend the meeting to visit, with a total turnover of several billion dollars. the four-day exhibition will enable the binhai international convention and exhibition centre, all nine large exhibition hall, display size is expected to reach 50,000 square meters, attracted more than 1,200 global equipment manufacturing companies and more than 50,000 industry professionals visit the exhibition.

  fair seventh system of "green innovation, high-end manufacturing," as the theme, with the best business communication platform has brought many high-end equipment manufacturing equipment and technology, many domestic giants live show independent research and development products and technologies, showing the audience a "made in china" technology feast. exhibition held at the same german addi-data "chinese control technology innovation" forum, the forum on the "second five" during the industrial industry trends, policy-oriented, market analysis, advanced technology, excellent presentation and discussion of issues published, and with the audience share the most high-end automated measurement and control technology. in addition, the organizers and tianjin forging industry association jointly held the "iron foundry business matchmaking in 2011," around the market trends, production status, status demand for raw materials and other hot topics seminars. 

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